Porte in vetro

Doors to live. FOA’s secret lies in these words. Chosing a door made by FOA means preferring a company fully interpreting the taste of home living, rediscovering the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with the things speaking of us and our personality. In our culture the spaces are constantly created, renewed and rebuit through an endless variety of personal solutions. FOA enters this scenario with the maximum possible flexibility, creating fully “to the millimeter”, tailor-made sliding doors, concealed – in – wall, folding doors, swing doors, all of which are produced to satisfy every taste and every practical need. Since 1974 the trustworthiness of its products, the artisanal care of their workmanship, the careful selection of materials, the in-house production and design, including innovative products, are the distinguishing features of FOA and are a sign of authentic Made in Italy products. We have decided to produce the shutters for our doors using stratified wood listels, themselves coated in tanganika, ash or durmast essences in order to achieve stability and sturdiness for our doors. Our wood comes from strictly controlled forsests. Our glasses are SAFETY STRATIFIED in full compliance with the UNI – EN 12543 Norms.

Our habit to flexibility, our experience and creativity allow us to offer not only doors, but SOLUTIONS.